Maintenance Request & Report Forms

To our Valued Tenants, Even though your home was adequately prepared and readied for you upon you move-in, you might find something that perhaps we’ve missed. Or, as these things go, general maintenance and repairs might be required through normal use of you home. If you experience anything that might require Mingo Property Management’s attention, please fill-out the WORK ORDER request Form and return to us per instructions contained on the form. By completing this WORK ORDER form, you will have adequately notified us of current issues that need addressed in your home, keeping a healthy and comfortable living environment that we wish to maintain. Please see attached and don’t hesitate to notify us of potential issues.

Rental Application Instructions

Mingo Property Management appreciates your interest in the home we currently have available. Out tenants are people who are considerate to their neighbors, have clean living habits, and are able to pay rent and bills promptly. We use our rental application to help us determine whether applicants meet the qualifications.

To promptly move into your new home, complete the Mingo Rental Application. In order to avoid delays, we want you to know how to complete the application, and also what our company does with your application.

When you fill-out the application make sure something is in every blank… “NONE” or “N.A.” of “N/A” some blanks is acceptable when applicable. Read over your application carefully – Is it accurate, complete, and legible? Are there misspellings or transposed numbers? DON’T GUESS! Take your time and look-up information requested on the application. If you run out of space, use the back side of the application.